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Screenshot confirms 2017 ROBLOX Winter Games!

I looked on ROBLOX’s profile to play Crossroads… and saw THIS! And if you look close enough you see it’s a possible Winter Games prize! That’s all for today!

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Is this really Giftsplosion 2016?

I was excited for Giftslosion 2016… I wanted to earn the gifts… I needed them… Then this happened. On the ROBLOX blog, (, they stated that the gifts would be FREE and that you didn’t have to anything but get them in the catalog. For some people, this might be good. But for me? I […]

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Nickelodeon Kid`s Choice Awards 2016!

Welcome to the new ROBLOX events catagory. Our first event to cover will be the Nickelodeon Kid`s Choice Awards 2016 event. So first, we will talk about games and prizes. Prizes and games: Slime Blaster: Get the Slime Blaster in Speed Run 4! Nickelodeon Blimp: Get the Nickelodeon Blimp in Epic Mining 2! Slimed Headphones: […]

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