The Top 5 Worst ROBLOX Updates


I’m doing some top five thingy… no idea why.

5. Shirt (Or T-Shirt) + Pants Price Update ( and
Many people complained about this horrible update. You may have too, if you were on ROBLOX in 2013. What they did was make these price minimums:
T-Shirt= 20 TIX or 2 Robux
Shirt/Pants= 100 TIX or 10 Robux
Terrible, right? Not as bad as the next ones on the list…

4. Sponsored Events
So why is this not as bad as the next? Because of the occasional great hats/gears that were awarded. Many people STILL complain about this. While I do have to say that I don’t like it, but sometimes we get things that would be awesome in ROBLOX. Here are a few:

Dipper's hat from "Gravity Falls"

Dipper’s hat from “Gravity Falls”

A personal favorite item of mine

A personal favorite item of mine

Star Wars + ROBLOX= A great gear!

Star Wars + ROBLOX= A great gear!

So complain all ya want about that. It’s not the worst, but still really bad.

3. R15 (
Many people love R15. Me? It’s pretty ugly, if you ask me. I like where ROBLOX is going with this one, however it just doesn’t look good. If this gets fixed and looks better, I’ll update this. I’d suggest seeing it at this place: “R15 Rig Ragdoll”. It’s worth using with some outfits.

2. The Recently Released New Logo ( and
It doesn’t seem to look as good as the old one, the one I’ve seen for more than 6 years. This is another one the community was against. But the worst is about to come.


TIX Removal. (
New accounts have trouble getting stuff that looks good- most of the free stuff by ROBLOX is terrible. But this just made EVERYONE angry. Me, too. TIX had been on ROBLOX for years. And saying goodbye to it was pretty sad. Kinda reminds me of what’s coming for Club Penguin. Goodbye TIX.

I hope you enjoyed the Top 5! Answer the poll for what you think was the worst!

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