Month: January 2017

Roblox Should be on the Nintendo Switch!

At 11 PM (EST) Nintendo had their Switch presentation. They announced game such as “1, 2, Switch!” and “Splatoon 2”. But, y’know what there should be? Roblox- on the Switch. It was on the Xbox One, so, why not? It would be better than their current mobile app. However, this is just an idea. Not […]

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December GOTM – Rhythm Track

Yes, I’m late. So, last month, Dummiez ( created this wonderful game- Rhythm Track. Something is fun about “hitting notes that sorta go along with the music you play!”. In a video, I have some music and play the game. It works great, the graphics are great, EVERYTHING is great about this. If you’d like […]

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Roblox’s Terrible New Logo

Well… in the latest blog post by Roblox CEO David Baszuki, he announced Roblox’s new logo. ( In my opinion, it’s terrible. Wanna see it? Yep. Isn’t that just the best logo ever. And according to Seranok, an admin, ROBLOX, is now Roblox. So what do you think of this update? Answer the poll!

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