Nickelodeon Kid`s Choice Awards 2016!


Welcome to the new ROBLOX events catagory.
Our first event to cover will be the Nickelodeon Kid`s Choice Awards 2016 event.

So first, we will talk about games and prizes.

Prizes and games:

Slime Blaster: Get the Slime Blaster in Speed Run 4!

Nickelodeon Blimp: Get the Nickelodeon Blimp in Epic Mining 2!

Slimed Headphones: Get the Slimed Headphones in Super Blocky Ball!


Nickelodeon Slime Tie: Price: 1 Ticket

Nickelodeon Slime Fedora: Price: 1 Ticket

Best item to get? I love the Slime Fedora, but out of prizes, the best is the Slime Blaster (to me).

This is the best sponsored event so far.


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