Month: March 2016

ROBLOX 2008 Simulator Game Review

This is a review for ROBLOX 2008 Simulator. Let`s get started. Description: ROBLOX 2008 Simulator simulates ROBLOX 2008. It has everything- old player lists, old inventory bar, old cursor- everything. Collect hats, destroy stuff, or just walk around to explore the awesome world. Badges: You get badges for every hat and getting stuff in events. […]

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March 2016 GOTM

The March 2016 Game of the Month is… ULTIMATE DRIVING: WESTOVER! In this game you… well… drive. Gamepasses: They are available, and don`t cost much robux/tickets. Description: Be a cop, be a fire fighter, be a citizen, be a criminal, be a trucker, be a highway worker. This game is realistic and VERY detailed. Pay […]

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Nickelodeon Kid`s Choice Awards 2016!

Welcome to the new ROBLOX events catagory. Our first event to cover will be the Nickelodeon Kid`s Choice Awards 2016 event. So first, we will talk about games and prizes. Prizes and games: Slime Blaster: Get the Slime Blaster in Speed Run 4! Nickelodeon Blimp: Get the Nickelodeon Blimp in Epic Mining 2! Slimed Headphones: […]

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